What is Dimensionless Generative NFT Art

Art moves you in an inexplicable way. It lends itself to spaces and completes them. It creates ambience. If you know what moves you, then you know Art.

NFTs are like deeds to a house. You can live in a house, but you don’t own it unless you have the deed. With Digital Art you can right click and save it to your computer, print it out and hang it on your wall, but you don’t own it unless you have the NFT. You can’t sell it again unless you own the NFT.

Generative means that the art was created with code. The artist wrote the code with deliberate randomization to create a unique piece for each original buyer. A series of 256 editions in the project, means there will be 256 unique iterations of that code base in existence (with NFT deed).

Dimensionless is a specific way of formatting the code so that the art renders at any size and resolution. Like vector art in graphic design. Whatever size you need, the art scales at full resolution to fill that space.

Don’t own JPEGs, own the code. As technology improves, your Dimensionless Generative NFT Art will scale with it. Imagine your piece at any size, on any material. Realize it from your source code. From your NFT.

Writing the code to make a project dimensionless is relatively easy if you start dimensionless. fxHash artist, Hevey has a tutorial available here: https://www.fxhash.xyz/article/how-to-create-a-dimensionless-project-with-p5js

Not all Generative Art is dimensionless, some are locked in to a maximum resolution. Here’s how to check on fxHash if the project is dimensionless (no max): On the project page click open underneath the preview image.


A new window will open with the artwork displayed full screen. Go to View > Zoom Out and zoom out several times.

Then reload the page. If the artwork is dimensionless then it will display full screen after reload with the page zoomed out. Check this guide in the upper right end of the address bar. A dimensionless project will be full screen every time.

You can also download a higher resolution image of your NFT by zooming out, reloading and saving.

Dimensionless Generative NFT Art gives you unprecedented control over the display of the art in any conceivable setting at any conceivable size.

NFTs also give unprecedented control to the artist to earn a royalty on all initial sales and every secondary market sale. The artists set a percentage for every sale and the NFT contract pays them every time it changes hands (10 to 25%). No middleman, it’s built into the contract and recorded on the blockchain.

This is the future of art. Buy and trade worldwide on the blockchain. Print, hang and display locally.

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