Traffic #230 – by Rich Poole

NFT Art for home, office and public spaces. Digital files that can be rendered and printed at any size. Future proof utility, future resale value and securely stored on the blockchain.

Skulls, Of Course #80, #62, #52 – by Mathew Daigle

Generative NFT Art is produced by code, rendering a unique piece for every original buyer. Well written code is Dimensionless. It can be output at any size and any resolution. Imagine the space, print and mount the art to fit. Future Proof. All of the art here is Dimensionless Generative NFT Art and is for sale.

Vestige #62 – by Gorilla Sun

Each generative art piece created by the code is unique. The NFT represents your deed of ownership of the code and the art it creates. That NFT can be sold on the Tezos blockchain. Invest in ascendant artists. Invest in future proof art. Invest in a liquid alternative art market that ensures royalties for the artist for all primary and secondary sales.

Burst #254 – by Lammetje

Fill space with art. Print to fit from your original code base. Own code, not JPEGs. Run the code at any size at any resolution. Buy now for the future. The future is Dimensionless.

Sketching #372 – by Yi-Wen LIN, Rhythms #49 = by Daniel Aguilar, Strata #325 – by Rich Poole, Subdivisions #12 – by Jeff Palmer, Herbarium #30 – by Aleksandra

Sketching #372 – by Yi-Wen LIN
Yi-Wen LIN fxHash Portfolio
Sketching Secondary Market

Rhythms #49 – by Daniel Aguilar
Protozoo fxHash Portfolio
Rhythms Secondary Market

Strata #325 – by Rich Poole
Rich Poole fxHash Portfolio
Strata Secondary Market

Subdivisions #12 – by Jeff Palmer
Jeff Palmer fxHash Portfolio
Subdivisions Secondary Market

Herbarium #30 – by Aleksandra
Aleksandra fxHash Portfolio
Herbarium Secondary Market

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